Unload Revit Link Per User

Autodesk has just released the Revit 2016 R2 update to users that are on the subscription program (both maintenance and desktop).  Autodesk has started providing these R2 releases mid-year and can include significant improvements.  While there are reportedly 25 updates in this release, there is one that I particularly like as a user working on a model with multiple other users.  That is the ability to unload a Revit link on a per user basis.

Prior to 2016 R2, if I unload a Revit link and Save to Central, the file will be unloaded for other users when they Save to Central or Reload Latest.

Being able to unload a Revit link on a per user basis means that I can unload a linked file and I will be the only user affected.  I can save the file to central with the file unloaded and when other users Save to Central or Reload Latest, their version will still have the link loaded.

There are definitely times when I want to increase my Revit’s performance and memory usage and I don’t need a loaded link throughout the day, but I can’t unload it because others need to have the link loaded for their purposes.  You can really annoy other users by unloading a link that they want to use or see.

The new Manage Links dialog box has a couple of extra buttons at the bottom.  Pick the “Unload for me” button to unload the file only for you.

The link will remain unloaded until you choose the “Clear my override” button.

Revit Link Unload Per User



2 thoughts on “Unload Revit Link Per User

  1. I installed the R2 update for Revit 2016, and the two new buttons don’t show up in the Manage Links dialogue box for me. The Build is : 16.0.1063.0 20151007_0715(x64) R2
    Any idea what is going on?

    • This feature is only available for project files that have had worksharing enabled so that you have a central file and each user has their own local file. If worksharing (with worksets and a central file) has not been set up, these buttons will not appear. That may be your problem.

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