Autodesk 2011 Subscription Extras Available

Autodesk has already released downloadable enhancements for the 2011 versions of its various Revit-based software packages.  If you are an Autodesk subscription program member, you can log into your subscription site and download the enhancements for your particular product(s).  If you do not know how to get into your subscription site, you will need to contact the reseller from which you purchased your Autodesk product. Continue reading


Deciding to Upgrade Your Autodesk Revit Projects

As Autodesk releases its latest version of the various Revit packages, users get excited about the improvements and enhancements in the software.  With each release, there are enhancements or new features that are nice to have, but there are times when a release is such an improvement that it is really hard to not utilize immediately.  The Revit 2011 line of products falls into this category, especially with the Autodesk Revit MEP 2011 version.   It has some excellent improvements that make this release a very significant release, and one that is very enticing to immediately implement. Continue reading