AU 2010 Class Presentations

I feel very honored to have been accepted as a speaker at Autodesk University again this year.  While AU 2010 will be my 15th consecutive year to attend Autodesk University, this will be my 4th consecutive year to be a speaker.  I am a very big advocate for Autodesk users attending Autodesk University and believe that it is an excellent value for the price.  I encourage you to attend if at all possible. 

I will be teaching 5 classes at AU 2010, in addition to one AU Virtual class.  If you are planning on attending AU, I would love to have you attend one of my classes.  If you are not attending, you can still check out the Virtual class and “attend” from your office desk. 

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Revit Views for Fire Rating Review

A very important aspect of designing and reviewing a building project is the code review process to ensure that walls, doors, windows, and other components have the proper fire ratings.  Autodesk Revit makes it very easy to quickly visually check those fire ratings by setting up visibility filters.  This article will show you how to set up a fire rating view to display walls and doors as different colors depending on the fire rating parameter of the object.  This view is not necessarily designed to be a full code plan for permit submittals, but is an excellent asset for in-house code reviews.
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Utilizing Seek Standards for Creating Revit Families

A very important aspect of the productive utilization of design software is quality and consistent content; both from manufacturers and individual users.  I wrote an article for my blog in 2009 discussing whether manufacturers’ content is usable, but I believe that manufacturers are now making great strides in providing very usable content.  A great source for that improved content and consistent standards is through Autodesk Seek at, which is directed toward the AEC industry.
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