Clearance Zones in Revit Families – Part 2

My previous article discussed the importance of creating Clearance Zones inside Revit familes for equipment and items that need clearances for ADA, safety, air movement, or other reasons.  While that article also discussed the behind the scenes set up to get Clearance Zones into a Revit family, this article finishes the process of creating the actual Clearance Zone.

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Clearance Zones in Revit Families – Part 1

Many pieces of equipment in a building have clearance zones that are required around the equipment for a variety of reasons.  It may be a drinking fountain that requires ADA clearance, an electrical panel that requires code clearance in front it, or mechanical equipment that requires air movement or access clearance around it.  For whatever the reason, it is good to build that clearance zone into the Revit family so that it be used for interference detection through Revit or Navisworks.

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Access to Building Codes via Technology

Building codes are utilized all the time for the design and construction of buildings.  Most companies have hard-copy versions of the applicable codes sitting on desks or shelves in the office, but the codes can also be accessed online or via your smartphone for free.  This is great since we may not always have the hard-copy version available to us.  If we are out on a construction site, being able to access the codes with our smartphone or tablet is a great benefit.

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