Free 3D Model Review Software Has Update

In February 2011, I reviewed a new free product on the market for 3D model review named Tekla BIMsight by Tekla, Inc. (Read review)   Tekla has recently released the new Tekla BIMsight version 1.3, and the big point is that it is still a free product.

As I mentioned in my first article on the BIMsight software, this is a basic clash detection software that allows you to bring several different 3-D models together for project collaboration and collision detection.  While it is not a robust software, it performs clash detection that can meet the needs of many people and that I believe warrants consideration.  It is a straight forward software that is not difficult in learning to use and also has a decent forum support system that is easily accessible from within BIMsight.

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MEP Connectors and Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture 2012 has many family templates installed with the software during a standard installation and includes most of the family templates that are also installed with Revit MEP.  (A previous blog post lists each of the family templates installed with the various Revit packages.)  Revit Architecture also allows the user to place Revit MEP connectors in families, and that capability is the reason for this post since it has restrictions.

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