AutoCAD 2015 for Mac Shortcut List

AutoCAD for the Mac is becoming more popular and Autodesk has kindly provided a shortcut list for AutoCAD for Mac 2015 users.  Most AutoCAD users utilize keyboard shortcuts and this list includes all of the “Out of the Box” shortcuts for the Mac version.

Link to webpage for AutoCAD for Mac Shortcut Key Guide

Get a printable PDF version of the AutoCAD for Mac Shortcut Key Guide


Create a Sanitary to Vent System Transition in Revit

When creating plumbing systems, Revit does not have a default way of showing where the piping changes from sanitary system to a vent system.  This was easy to do in AutoCAD since we just used a different line type or a layer with a different line type to differentiate the vent portion.  Revit wants to show connected pipes as one system so we will create an easy solution to this issue.

It is important to show the different appearances for documentation purposes, so this article will show how to easily show a transition between the two systems which can then be shown as separate colors, line types, etc.

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