Architectural Design Software Conferences

Regardless of which design software you decide to use for your architectural design, the software continues to change.  It is not only important for users to stay on top of those changes, but to also network with other knowledgable users about usage of the software.  Conferences dedicated to this training and networking are an important aspect for many users and managers.  I have tried to gather information about major design software conferences such as this and list them in the article.

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Revit Family Cleanup

Before an Autodesk Revit family is put into production, it should be cleaned up to reduce size and eliminate overhead that does not need to end up in a project file.  Information that is not required by the family should not be kept in the family.  The final step in family creation before putting a family into production should be the cleanup effort.

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Project LOD for BIM

It is becoming more common for the Level of Development (LOD) to be specified on projects that require Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Many times, the “LOD” term is thrown around and utilized without the specifier being familiar with what the term really means.  As a result, confusion abounds and clients may say they want “a LOD 500 project”, although it does not really exist.

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