Easily Print Selected Area in Revit

There are many times that you want to print just a specific area inside Revit and at a specific scale.  In AutoCAD, you have the option to print a window and set the scale in the print window, but that option does not exist in Revit.  That is very annoying to AutoCAD users moving to Revit.  However, there is an easy way to accomplish the same thing with Revit without much effort.

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Room Occupancy Load Tag in Revit View

As an Architect, I find it helpful to be able to look at a floor plan and see the occupancy load for each room, and some building permit reviewers require this information be shown on the plan.  My previous blog article addressed creating a schedule in Revit to show occupancy loads for rooms.  This article will take off from that point and desmonstrate how to create a room tag to place on a floor plan view that shows the occupancy load of the room.

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