Revit Section Markers Discipline Visibility

When and how Revit section markers display on plan views can be a bit confusing when you are working with multiple disciplines.  With more disciplines involved with a model, the more noticeable and confusing the issue becomes.  This is due to the fact that section markers are discipline-specific and cannot be displayed on all the different disciplines of plan views.

Revit is designed so that section markers will not show in other discplines’ views and this is based upon the Discipline parameter of a view.  Revit has 6 different Disciplines available for selection for a view.  They are:

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Coordination


The following illustrations demonstrate how different section markers will display in different plan views.  Each section marker represents a section where the Discipline parameter for that section is set to one of the 6 available discipline settings in the section view’s Properties.  Each illustration has then had the Discipline parameter changed for the plan view (as shown at bottom of each illustration) that shows the section markers.  All section markers are turned on and the only change made to the plans views to make each illustration look different is the plan view Discipline parameter changed.  (Note that phases will also affect the visibility of section markers.)


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