Show Room Occupancy Loads in Revit Schedule

Working with building codes is an important aspect of working as an Architect during the design stages of a project, and knowing the occupancy of each room is a key component to that.  This article will demonstrate how to create a Revit schedule that shows the occupancy load for each room in your BIM file.  It will use a key schedule as the source of information for calculating loads, so this article will address creating that key schedule as well.

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AutoCAD Architecture External Reference Tips

External References (xrefs) are an important part of working with AutoCAD and its vertical packages.  I consider xrefs a critical and key feature of AutoCAD in the AEC industry and encourage you to look into them if you are not currently utilizing them on your projects.  There are many aspects of good utilization of xrefs, but I thought I would list a few tips in this article.

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