Revit Room Schedule to Compare Actual versus Program Area

When designing a building, we will often start out with a Program of Requirements that defines the required square footage of each room that is needed in the facility.  As the building is divided into rooms with walls and room separator lines, actual room sizes become defined.  Since the floor plan is continually modified throughout the design process to create a functional and code-compliant layout, room sizes continually change and sometimes become quite different than the desired area as established in the Program of Requirements.

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Rotate View Inside a Viewport in AutoCAD Architecture

There are times when the drawing information in the Model tab is actually desired to be viewed at a different rotation in a Layout viewport.  While you draft the information in the Model tab, you don’t want it rotated that same direction on the final plotted sheet.  It is possible to have it both ways.

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Revit Roombook Extension Available

Autodesk has released an extension for getting more information out of Rooms in Revit Architecture 2011.  The Roombook Extension was made available to Revit Architecture subscription members on December 9, 2010.  According to Autodesk, the extension “helps calculate the surface area of walls, floors and ceiling elements, room circumferences and the total number of furnishing elements within a project”.  This is a nice utility to get quantities for room-specific information that exists in the model and is valuable for quantity takeoff analysis.

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Blog in Review for 2010

Thank you to all of the people who visited my blog this past year!  I write articles on this blog to help software users in the AEC industry and I hope that I have been successful in that regard.  May everyone have a great 2011!

Following is some interesting information from concerning 2010 stats for the “Applying Technology to Architecture” blog.  I thought someone might find it interesting. 🙂

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