Rotate View Inside a Viewport in AutoCAD Architecture

There are times when the drawing information in the Model tab is actually desired to be viewed at a different rotation in a Layout viewport.  While you draft the information in the Model tab, you don’t want it rotated that same direction on the final plotted sheet.  It is possible to have it both ways.

Some examples of when this feature may be used are:

  • A large building with wings at different angles, but where each wing is desired to be shown at 90 degree angles to the plotted sheet.
  • A site plan which is drawn with North at the top, but needs to be rotated to fit on the plotted sheet.

The Process:

  • If the viewport does not exist, create the viewport in the paperspace layout at the desired size.
  • Make the model space active inside the viewport.
    • This is easiest by double-clicking inside the viewport.
    • Do NOT change to the Model tab.
  • Type DVIEW at the command line.
  • At the Select objects or <use DVIEWBLOCK>: prompt, select any object or objects in the viewport.
    • You don’t need to select everything as this only gives you a temporary graphic representation of how the final view will appear after rotated.
  • At the Enter option [CAmera/TArget/Distance/POints/PAn/Zoom/TWist/CLip/Hide/Off/Undo]: prompt, type TW for Twist.
  • At the Specify view twist angle <0.00>: prompt, specify the degree to rotate the viewport information.
    • Pick a point to specify the angle while the graphic information is rotating; or
    • Type the angle at the command line, then press the ENTER key.
      • Common for this situation is to type 90 to rotate the view counterclockwise, or type 270 or -90 to rotate the view clockwise.
  • At the Enter option [CAmera/TArget/Distance/POints/PAn/Zoom/TWist/CLip/Hide/Off/Undo]: prompt, press the ENTER key.
  • The view of ALL information in the viewport will now be rotated, although nothing in the actual Model tab appears rotated.

Note: The viewport cannot be locked for this to work.


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