Lock Circles in Revit

When placing circular items (linework or extrusions) in Autodesk Revit products, it is easy to lock the centerpoint of the circle so that the circular item does not move.  While this may seem obvious, the ability to perform this lock is slightly hidden.

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MText Without Line Wrapping in AutoCAD Architecture

Mtext within the AutoCAD-based products typically has a bounding box that forces text to wrap to another line when the text line length reaches the edge of the bounding box. While this is very commonly the desired effect, there are times when you desire a line of text to remain on a single line and you do not want to keep resizing the Mtext bounding box to accommodate the length of the text line.

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Annotating 3D Views in Revit

As an Architect, I am an advocate for ways to help the contractor and other design professionals better understand my vision for the building design.  One way to do that is to incorporate 3D views into more of the process, including the construction documents.  I have previously blogged about the AEC industry moving more toward incorporating 3D views into construction documents (read the article), and Autodesk aided that process with a new feature in Revit 2012.  3D Views can be locked, and once they’ve been locked, you can tag elements and annotate information in these 3D views.

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