Electrical Sub-Panels with Lugs in Revit

I recently had someone ask me how to use Revit to connect an electrical panel to another electrical panel via lugs.  This situation occurs at times in building construction where an electrical sub-panel is wired into another panel via the lugs in the first panel and does not actually use a breaker in the first panel.  This is not normal practice, but does occur.   (Note that this is different than having an electrical sub-panel that has main lugs and does not have a main breaker which actually DOES use a breaker in the panel that feeds the sub-panel.)

For our situation described here, Panel A has a 200 Amp main breaker that controls just the circuit breakers that are seen in Panel A.  Panel B also has a 200 Amp main breaker, but is wired into Panel A at the main lug prior to the Panel A main circuit breaker.  In this case, Panel B needs to show in Revit as fed from Panel A but does not utilize a breaker in Panel A.  By default, Revit will create a breaker on Panel A to control Panel B.  We do not want that to happen in this situation.

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