Creating Working Sections in Revit

As I work on building projects inside Revit, I like to place sections in my model for continual design review.  These are sections that will never be placed on a sheet for construction documents, but are there just for my usage.  This is a very common occurrence and utilized by most Revit users, so I am not unique in this practice.  When providing Revit training, I always recommend usage of sections for this purpose.

When placing sections, I like to know specifically which sections are for my usage and which ones are intended to be placed on sheets.  Therefore, I have a special section type used specifically for this purpose so that I don’t get confused (or anyone else looking at the views in the model).Working Section

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Default Revit Family Folder for Open Command

When you go to Open a family file in Revit, it will make a difference as to where you select the Open command as to what folder location Revit will default to select the file.

If you choose the Open… function from the opening screen of Revit, Revit will default to the location of the specified Revit Library Path.  (This location is specified in Options -> File Locations -> Places.)

Family Open Screen

If you choose the Open function from either the Quick Access Toolbar or the Applications menu (big R at top left of screen), Revit will default to the location where you last saved a family file.

Family Open Buttons

While this is not major information, it is handy to know when you are opening a family from one location, making changes to the family, and then saving it to another location.