Show Angled Wings Square to Sheet in Revit

Buildings often have portions that are created at an angle to the main portion of the building.  When this occurs, we want the construction documents to show the angled portion at right angles to the sheet to make effective usage of the sheet space.  Scope boxes provide us with a very easy way to address this issue.

Scope boxes within Revit are also an excellent method of having multiple views of the same area show the exact same portion of the building in each view.  This is helpful for consistency in showing a wing the same in a Furniture Plan, Dimension Plan, Occupancy Plan, Code Plan, Framing Plan, Roof Plan, Power Plan, Communications Plan, Lighting Plan, HVAC Plan, Piping Plan, Sanitary Plan, etc.

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Show Uncircuited Electrical Devices in Revit

When you have many electrical devices, light fixtures or other items in a Revit project file, it is easy to miss one getting placed on a circuit.  While un-circuited devices will display in the System Browser, it is nice to be able to have a quick visual check on a plan view for any of them.  We can do this through creating a custom View Filter.  The following image shows the impact of using a filter to show un-circuited items.

Uncircuited Receptacles

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