Revit 2015 R2 Release

Autodesk has released Revit 2015 Release 2 for users on the subscriptions program.  It is meant to update your copy of Revit 2015 whether it is a standalone installation or part of one of Autodesk’s product suites.  This seems to be more than the typical service pack and is available only to those on the subscription program.  It includes additional capabilities, as well as includes service pack items included in update release 4.  After Release 2 is applied, the build number will be 20140905_0730 and will say “Update Release 4”.  (Note that non-subscription users do have access to Update 4 via the update page, but not this R2 version of it.)  Revit users on subscription can access this update by logging into their Autodesk Subscription site.

Revit 2015 R2 does not have a file format change so you can continue to work with Revit users that continue to use the existing Revit 2015 release.

A big enhancement to this R2 version is in the area of sitework.  Autodesk acquired the SiteWorks site planning software from Eagle Point Software Corporation.  Sitework has long been an area of limited capability within Revit and this enhanced capability will please many users wanting to do more with that aspect.  Subscription members can download the new Site Designer Extension for Revit 2015 from the Product Enhancements portion of the subscription site.

According to Autodesk’s notes on this release,

“This update requires either the initial release of Autodesk Revit 2015 (build: 20140223_1515) or Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 3 (build: 20140606_1530) . Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 3 will need to be applied to any installed Revit 2015 which has either Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 1 (build: 20140322_1515) or Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 2 (build: 20140323_1530) applied. Installation will also be blocked if Autodesk Revit 2015 Update Release 4 (build: 20140903_1530)) has been applied, a full uninstall followed by a new install of Autodesk Revit 2015 will be needed in order to apply Release 2.”

 I installed this release without issue on my Autodesk Building Design Suite version which was running Update Release 3. Continue reading


End Double-Click for Revit Family Editor

If you are like me, you tend to accidentally double-click on families in a Revit project file and then end up opening them in the Family Editor when that is not what you want to do.  It seems that the faster that you work, the more likely you are to have this problem, which compounds the issue.  You can stop this from happening easily starting with the 2014 version.

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Drag ‘n Drop Files Into Revit

Have you ever used the Drag ‘n Drop method of adding a file to Revit and wondered why it seemed to work differently than the last time you did that?  Well, there are actually several variables involved in that process.

First off, you may ask what I mean by Drag ‘N Drop files.  That is typically when you have a session of Windows Explorer open, pick on a file, and use the mouse to drag a file from Windows Explorer to Revit and release the mouse button when it is over Revit (drop).  This method can be much faster than using one of the commands within Revit to add a file and is commonly used.

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