Revit Schedules with Desired Mechanical Equipment

Revit has objects divided into various preset Categories which makes it easy to manage.  However, it also creates issues when you use the Mechanical Equipment category since it includes so many different types of equipment.  These different types of equipment are typically scheduled separately, so some process needs to be used to separate Mechanical Equipment families into different schedules.

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Passing Revit Parameters to Nested Profile Family

Anyone using Revit realizes that families are a key component to effectively using the software.  Creating quality families are very important to a good quality Revit project, and an important part of a family are the parameters.  Parameters within the family can control information and flexibility of not only the family, but also “nested” families.  A nested family is another family that is inserted into the primary family in which you are working.  It is common in some families, such as door families, to utilize a nested “profile” family to control a sweep for something like a door frame.  Passing parameter values to a nested profile family is different than other nested families, so this article specifically addresses passing parameter values to a nested profile family.

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