Revit Special Text Characters

The annotation process is undoubtedly a very important part of creating and documenting models within Revit software.  Unfortunately, there are many special text characters that are not readily available, so I thought I would provide a list of special characters that you can access and place within your Revit model.

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Autodesk Bundles More Software

With the new Autodesk 2012 releases being announced this week, Autodesk also announced some new suites of software.  These are bundles of multiple software packages that Autodesk offers and is meant to give you a significantly better value than buying each of the packages separately.  With each of the new suites, Autodesk has 3 different levels of packages available (Standard, Premium, and Ultimate) which get progressively more expensive.  As the AEC industry moves more into Building Information Modeling, utilization of multiple software packages becomes more integrated into organizations and makes purchasing suites more attractive.

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Creating a Default 3D View with Autodesk’s ViewCube

It seems that navigating the 3D world of a design software file can sometimes become a pain and it is easy to end up in a strange viewing angle causing you to just want to get back to a default view that you like.  Most of the Autodesk products now utilize a tool that allows you to create a default viewing angle and save that view so that you can get back to it with one click of the mouse.  That tool is part of the ViewCube.

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Design Software Formats and the AIA E202

Get the file format that you really want or need on a BIM project!

The AIA® Document E202™ is a contract document that dictates how the Building Information Model is developed for a project.  The document itself is design software package neutral, but is typically developed around specific software packages desired by the document author.  Document authors will sometimes complete the document thinking that they are specifying the desired software package, but in reality are providing “wiggle room” for other packages to also be provided.

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Understanding Roof Thickness in AutoCAD Architecture

The AutoCAD® Architecture Roof object has a setting called Thickness that is not as straight forward as it might seem.  The Thickness setting distance actually means different things depending on whether you are utilizing Plumb or Straight edge cuts.

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