Characteristics of Revit Reference Lines

Autodesk Revit contains both Reference Planes and Reference Lines, but it seems that most people do not understand or utilize Reference Lines.  While Reference Lines are used as control lines for information within a family similar to Reference Planes, they are not a type of Reference Plane.  It is its own type of object designed for a separate purpose.  Basically, you should use Reference Lines instead of Reference Planes when you need defined endpoints for a work plane.   A prime example of an important Reference Line usage is for allowing for the rotation of objects within a family.  A general rule is that if you want something to rotate, use a Reference Line to control it.

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Workset Visualization By Color

Do you ever want to easily visualize what objects are on different worksets in a view in Revit®?  Autodesk incorporated this ability into Revit® with their 2012 versions, but it seems to have gone unnoticed by many users.  Worksets are a highly utilized function used within Revit® by any organization where multiple people need to work on a Revit® project at one time.  There is a tremendous amout of information available on what worksets are and how to use them to manage your project, so this article is to just address the ability to control how you see worksets in a particular view.  This is a helpful feature for troubleshooting projects to ensure that users are placing information in the proper workset.

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