Reduce Size of Revit Families

When creating Autodesk Revit families for use in Revit projects, it is very important to minimize the file size of the families so that they do not bloat the project.  Reducing family size is especially important when a family will be used many times in a project, although if a family is just used once or twice, the consequences of the larger size are not too significant.

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Adjust Cut Line for Stair in Revit Architecture

Since I wrote an article on changing the stair cut line in AutoCAD Architecture, I felt I should go ahead and do the same for stairs in Revit Architecture.  Revit Architecture uses the Cut Plane setting of the view to determine the cut plane of the stair in that specific view.  You can adjust the cut plane for a specific stair in a specific floor plan view with a Plan Region around that stair.

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Adjust Cut Line for Stair in AutoCAD Architecture

When placing stairs in AutoCAD Architecture, it seems that the cut line for the stair object never seems to be just where you want it to be.  It is actually very easy to adjust the cut line to the desired location on either an individual stair basis or for all stairs of a specific style.

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