Different E202 for Each BIM Project

The AIA E202 Document (by the American Institute of Architects) is the Building Information Modeling Protocol Exhibit and assigns the specific responsibility for the various project team members in developing model elements to specific levels of development for project phases.  This is fast becoming an extremely important contract document for a building project and must be carefully considered before being implemented for a project.  Many documents are re-used from project to project with little or no change, but the E202 should be modified per project.

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Break Multiple Walls with One Door in AutoCAD Architecture

There are times when a door (or window, opening, or door/window assembly) gets placed into a wall that has another wall (or multiple walls) adjacent to it.  Even though a door can be placed in only one wall, it is possible to create an opening in the adjacent wall(s) so that when the door is relocated or changes size, the opening in the other wall(s) change accordingly.

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Determine Revit Build Version

Autodesk’s Revit software does not directly display what software update or service pack has been installed on the computer.  Instead of listing the actual update number, Revit displays the Build number which is a bit cryptic.  You really don’t know whether you have the current update simply by looking at the build number, but you can tell the date of the build.  It is good to check this build number to make sure that you have the current build for your version of the software as this is one of the first things to check when you are having problems with your Revit installation.

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