Revit Family Reference Planes IsReference Property

Creating families for use in the various Autodesk Revit software packages is an important aspect of implementing and effectively utilizing Revit within an organization.  While users that create Revit families are familiar with using Reference Planes to drive the geometry within the family, many users do not understand the purpose of the Is Reference property.  This article will look at the various options for the Is Reference property and their purpose.

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Revit Architecture 2012 Book Review

I have never reviewed a book in this blog, but decided to do just that this month.  A good resource book is valuable to just about anyone, regardless of the type of work a person performs.  As I have come up in my career, I have utilized many different resources over the years and have many good books still on my office shelves.  This latest book will make Revit Architecture users a very good resource.

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