Material Purge in Revit 2012

One of my favorite improvements in the Revit 2012 products is eliminating multiple unused Materials at once in a file.  It seems like when I am working on a project or a family, that I end up with many more Materials than I actually want or need.  Prior to the 2012 release, you needed to delete the materials one at a time unless you were able to get your hands on a custom application developed specifically for deleting many materials.  While this may be considered a minor improvement by many people, you can spend a lot of trying time trying to get of materials one at a time.   

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Display Ceiling Information in Revit Floor Plans

There are many times when you are working on a Floor Plan in Revit and want to display ceiling information in the floor plan view.  That may be for temporary reference purposes for positioning equipment or aligning cabinetry with bulkheads.  It may also be for permanent display, such as is often done on home plans for showing light fixtures or ceiling fans on the floor plan.  This is done through the use of Underlays, which are other levels that can be displayed in your current view.

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Autodesk Products Are Now “Citrix Ready”

Autodesk is in the process of releasing the 2012 versions of various software packages and one of the new features for eight of the products is that they are “Citrix Ready”.  This is a major feature that will benefit many organizations that are currently utilizing Citrix Systems solutions in other portions of their organization.  By utilizing Citrix solutions, Autodesk users can reduce hardware costs and central management of the software.  Many I.T. managers will be excited about this capability.  Smaller organizations may not realize any benefit to this feature, but many mid-size and larger firms will really benefit from it.

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Revit Architecture 2011 Hotfix for Color Fills

Autodesk issued a hot fix for their Revit Architecture 2011 product to address issues releated to some crashing occuring when using Color Fills.  This hot fix has not received much publicity, so I wanted to mention it and encourage users to download and install the fix.  It is a pretty quick and straightforward operation.

The hot fix can be downloaded from the following webpage:
Revit Architecture 2011 Colorfills Hotfix

Some notes:

  • Make sure that Update Release 2 has been applied prior to adding the hotfix. Verify that the build number of Revit 2011 is 20100903_2115.
  • The Utility.dll file will be manually replaced during this process.  The download only copies this file to your computer in a zip file.
  • Administrator rights are required to copy the Utility.dll to the proper location.
  • The readme file explains where to copy the file.
  • There are separate downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.