Adjust Cut Line for Stair in Revit Architecture

Since I wrote an article on changing the stair cut line in AutoCAD Architecture, I felt I should go ahead and do the same for stairs in Revit Architecture.  Revit Architecture uses the Cut Plane setting of the view to determine the cut plane of the stair in that specific view.  You can adjust the cut plane for a specific stair in a specific floor plan view with a Plan Region around that stair.

A Plan Region is a closed boundary of virtually any shape that is placed in a view to change the cut plane and/or view range for the area within the boundary.  Plan Regions may be used for much more than stairs and the same process is utilized as described in this article. 

To get the Plan Region around an individual stair and set a new View Range for that area:

  • Go to the View tab and the Create panel.  Select the Plan Views option, then select the Plan Region command from the drop-down list.
  • On the newly opened Modify | Create Plan Region Boundary tab, go to the Draw panel.
  • Using the desired line creation method on the panel, draw a boundary around the ENTIRE stair.  (Note that if the boundary does not enclose the entire stair, then the plan region will have no effect on the stair.)
  • In the Properties palette, select the Edit… button next to the View Range option.
  • In the View Range dialog box, change the Offset distance for the Cut Plane to be higher or lower depending on your desired cut line.





  • Pick the OK button to exit the View Range dialog box.
  • Select the green checkmark on the Mode panel of the Modify | Create Plan Region Boundary tab to finish the plan region.

 The plan region properties can be modified in the future by highlighting the plan region and modifying it via the Modify | Plan Region tab.

Care should be taken when sizing the plan region to not include objects that are not desired to be modified.


4 thoughts on “Adjust Cut Line for Stair in Revit Architecture

  1. Great – but how do I make the dashed stair lines disappear beyond the cut line? If my second floor plan is showing stairs down to the first floor and stairs up to the third, they shouldn’t overlap once they hit the break line.

  2. I tried this. Doesn’t work for me yet. I am sure it is one of the many settings. Sigh…Thanks for posting. I at least know it is possible… someday…

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