Adjust Cut Line for Stair in AutoCAD Architecture

When placing stairs in AutoCAD Architecture, it seems that the cut line for the stair object never seems to be just where you want it to be.  It is actually very easy to adjust the cut line to the desired location on either an individual stair basis or for all stairs of a specific style.

By default, the stair will use the assigned Cut Plane elevation in the drawing as the elevation of the Cut Line.  This setting can be overridden with the following steps:

  • Highlight the desired stair.
  • Go to the Properties palette.  If the Properties palette is not open, right-click and select Properties from the bottom of the context-sensitive menu.
  • On the Properties palette, go to the Display tab.
  • Under the General category, select the drop-down arrow to the right of the Display controlled by setting and select the “This object” option.
    • Selecting the Stair Style option will change all occurrences of the selected stair style.


  • If an “Add Object Override” message box appears asking if you want to continue, select the OK option.
  • On the Properties palette, go to the Display tab again.
  • Under the Cut Plane category, change the Override cut plane setting option from No to “Yes”.


  • Change the Height setting to the desired cut line elevation.  An example is changing it from the default 3’-6” to 5’-0”.
    • Note that this setting is only available after the Override Cut Plane is changed from No to Yes.


  • Note that you can also change the Cut Line Angle to 45 or some other desired angle from the stair.


  • Changing the Cut Line Distance will adjust the distance between the 2 parallel lines of the cut line.
  • Changing the Cut Line Extension will adjust the length of the cut lines beyond the sides of the stair.
  • Press the Enter key.

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