Revit Architecture 2010 Update 2 Released

Autodesk has released Update 2 for Revit Architecture 2010.  Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available, and one download will take care of both the Revit Architecture version and the Revit Archiecture Suite version. 

You can get the update from the following webpage:

According to Autodesk’s update list, following are enhancements in Update/Service Pack 2.

  1. Annotation objects no longer disappear when panning a view that spans two monitors.
  2. Improves stability when switching between Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 software and Googlesoftware.
  3. Improves the modification behavior of hosted sweeps (i.e. gutters) attached to joined roofs.
  4. Improves stability and performance when modifying walls.
  5. Improvements to shared nested families.
  6. Improves stability when modifying masses.
  7. Improves design option rules adherence for walls in different design options and worksets.
  8. Family and type information can now be read in Autodesk® 3ds Max® software from an FBX® file exported from a non-English version of Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010.
  9.  Improves stability when adding views to sheets.
  10. Improves stability when making a design option primary.
  11. Improves stability of printing views in wireframe mode.
  12. Shadows will no longer be cropped when a view is printed or exported to a DWFfile.
  13. Subscription notifications are now available from InfoCenter.
  14. Improves stability when reading IFC files.
  15. Improves stability when opening a project with an inserted TIF image and when importing a TIF image.
  16. ViewCube® navigation tool and the navigation bar will now display correctly after unlocking the computer.
  17. Improves stability when removing panels from the ribbon.
  18. Improves stability when cancelling a move, delete or copy command.
  19. Improves performance of view renaming and the Workset dialog.
  20. Mass floor schedules will now update when a level is renamed.
  21. A form element that has a divided surface applied to it will now be correctly generated after a copy, paste or move.
  22. Improves stability when exporting to DWG.
  23. Dimension and spot elevation values will now display correctly in a dependent view.

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