Autodesk Supports Mac Users


Autodesk is now providing official support for Macintosh® users for some products.

If you are running Boot Camp on your Apple, Autodesk is now officially supporting the following BIM products in Boot Camp; Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP, along with AutoCAD, Inventor, and 3ds Max.  I could not find where they state whether AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP is supported, nor what software versions are supported.

Autodesk is also offering some products that natively support Mac OSX, including Combustion, Maya, and Mudbox.

Many users have been running Revit with Boot Camp anyway, but now they will be able to receive official support from Autodesk.  The next step for Autodesk is to make the Revit products be run natively on Mac computers so that they do not need to use Boot Camp.

You can learn more about Autodesk supporting Macs at


One thought on “Autodesk Supports Mac Users

  1. I have run REVIT 9 successfully for one year on a MacPro 2.8 Intel Quad Core, 6gb RAM, using Parallels 4 and Apple’s Expose. In our 10 station lab, (same equipment) we have had equal success using Boot Camp for the same duration.

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