Revit Section Markers Discipline Visibility

When and how Revit section markers display on plan views can be a bit confusing when you are working with multiple disciplines.  With more disciplines involved with a model, the more noticeable and confusing the issue becomes.  This is due to the fact that section markers are discipline-specific and cannot be displayed on all the different disciplines of plan views.

Revit is designed so that section markers will not show in other discplines’ views and this is based upon the Discipline parameter of a view.  Revit has 6 different Disciplines available for selection for a view.  They are:

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Coordination


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Keep Working Sections from Printing in Revit

My last article addressed how to create Working Section markers that are visibly different from other section markers.  (Read the article here.)  This is great for knowing which sections are not meant to go on a sheet, but it doesn’t keep the section marker from displaying in a view or on a sheet.  When I have a working section, the explicit purpose is that it is just for my model review and should not be seen on a printed view.  This article will address how to set up a view filter to keep the Working Section markers from displaying in a view intended to go on a sheet.

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Creating Working Sections in Revit

As I work on building projects inside Revit, I like to place sections in my model for continual design review.  These are sections that will never be placed on a sheet for construction documents, but are there just for my usage.  This is a very common occurrence and utilized by most Revit users, so I am not unique in this practice.  When providing Revit training, I always recommend usage of sections for this purpose.

When placing sections, I like to know specifically which sections are for my usage and which ones are intended to be placed on sheets.  Therefore, I have a special section type used specifically for this purpose so that I don’t get confused (or anyone else looking at the views in the model).Working Section

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Creating a 3D Section View in Revit

Whether a building is complex or fairly simple, sometimes typical 2-dimensional views just don’t display what you really need to see.  Using a 3D view of a section through a building gives a better view of just what is going on inside the building.  Most 3-dimensional software packages have methods to create 3D section views, and you should take advantage of those when beneficial to you. Continue reading