Pricing Transition with Autodesk Software

It is that time of year that my Autodesk subscription is up for renewal, so it makes me think about the latest pricing system that Autodesk has been implementing lately.

I had been on the “Subscription” plan for years, but that name was changed to be called the “Maintenance” plan in 2016.  The new “Subscription” program is entirely different than the old subscription program even though it has the same name.  Yes, that can be confusing.

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Autodesk 2017 Release Information

Many people are now aware that Autodesk has released the 2017 version of its various software packages.  There are many great blog posts about the enhancements in the packages and I really like some of those enhancements.  Before discussing any of those 2017 enhancements, I thought I would post some links to official Autodesk pages for you to peruse.

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Autodesk Names – Just for Fun

I have been working with Autodesk products for 26 years, so during that time I have gotten to know the names of their various software packages.  That includes how to spell the software names.  I have always been a bit amused by how the various packages actually get spelled, both by people that use the software and those that don’t.  Some of the most interesting spellings are found in job descriptions posted by human resource personnel.

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Tekla BIMsight Continues to Improve

I have previously written about a software named Tekla BIMsight which is a good option for collision detection for building models. (Click here for article)  After I first encountered this program and wrote the article about it in February of 2011, Tekla has continued to improve the software.  The great part about this software is that it is still FREE.  It is still  a very viable option for designers who need collision detection capability, but can’t afford software like Navisworks Manage.

Tekla has a new update out for BIMsight and I still believe that it is a decent program and should be investigated to see if it meets your needs.  The current (new) version is 1.9.

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Autodesk University 2012

Autodesk University 2012 is just over 5 weeks away at this point and I thought that I would just write a few comments about it for those going to it or considering going to it.  If you are a user or manager of an Autodesk product, I highly recommend that you attend this annual conference which will be held in Las Vegas November 27-29, 2012 at Mandalay Bay.

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Update to Free 3D Model Review Software

In February 2011, I reviewed a new free beta product on the market for 3D model review named Tekla BIMsight by Tekla, Inc. (Read review)   Tekla has just released the new Tekla BIMsight version 1.2, and it is no longer considered a beta software.  The big point is that it is still a free product and Tekla stated in a webcast for bloggers that it will continue to be free for the foreseeable future.

As I mentioned in my first article on the BIMsight software, this is a basic clash detection software that allows you to bring several different 3-D models together for project collaboration and collision detection.  While it is not a robust software, it performs clash detection that can meet the needs of many people and that I believe warrants consideration.  It is a straight forward software that is not difficult in learning to use and also has a decent forum support system that is easily accessible from within BIMsight.

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Autodesk Bundles More Software

With the new Autodesk 2012 releases being announced this week, Autodesk also announced some new suites of software.  These are bundles of multiple software packages that Autodesk offers and is meant to give you a significantly better value than buying each of the packages separately.  With each of the new suites, Autodesk has 3 different levels of packages available (Standard, Premium, and Ultimate) which get progressively more expensive.  As the AEC industry moves more into Building Information Modeling, utilization of multiple software packages becomes more integrated into organizations and makes purchasing suites more attractive.

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