Residential Cabinetry

The casework/cabinetry provided with Revit is very generic and often not desirable for residential design projects. This includes design for single family homes and multi-family projects. Many Revit users look for a good alternative for families that are more detailed and designed around manufactured cabinetry versus custom cabinetry.

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Room Data Sheet for Planning Validation in Revit

As part of the design process for many different types of buildings, it is common to meet with the client and discuss the project on a room by room basis.  For these meetings, it is helpful to have an 8-1/2″ x 11″ document that shows the floor plan and required information about the room to easily convey the design information to the client.  This document can be reviewed by the client to confirm compliance to design criteria, and then signed by the client.  The document is a sheet that references a floor plan view cropped to the desired room, and parameters associated with the room that can include any information desired.

See example of final Room Data Sheet.

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