Stick a Pin in It

When a project team collaborates on a building project using Revit, it is very important that all team members maintain consistency between the different models.  One of the important aspects of consistency is to ensure that everyone is designing their building components to the same coordinate relationship as the other team members.  Team members will link Revit project files from other team members into their file via various positioning methods.  Correct positioning is important and maintaining that positioning is even more important.  It can create havoc in a project when a linked model file gets moved and building components start getting placed in positions not consistent with the linked model’s original location.

The first thing to do after linking a Revit project file into another file is to:  PIN IT.

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Affordable Conflict Checking Software from Tekla

The review of models for clash and collision detection is a major consideration in the use of Building Information Modeling.  There is a now a FREE product on the market which will perform conflict checking of your 3-Dimensional models.  This product is from Tekla, Inc and is called Tekla BIMsight.

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