Residential Cabinetry

The casework/cabinetry provided with Revit is very generic and often not desirable for residential design projects. This includes design for single family homes and multi-family projects. Many Revit users look for a good alternative for families that are more detailed and designed around manufactured cabinetry versus custom cabinetry.

Doug Bowers Consulting has added a “Residential Casework Collection” of Revit families to the website based upon a typical product line of manufactured cabinets available in the United States for residential design. The collection contains over 170 Revit families with over 1300 types/sizes/variations. This provides many different options for cabinetry and gives a solid foundation to design a kitchen or other area with standard cabinetry. Cabinetry families are built with flexibility to be modified to accommodate many different custom needs and appearances.

Cabinets with doors and/or drawers have the ability to have different door or drawer fronts and hardware for each instance of the cabinet being placed allowing for wide flexibility in cabinetry fronts within a project. Users can modify existing door/drawer families to get unlimited cabinetry appearances.

Cabinets and accessories are designed for kitchens, baths, and other uses in a typical residential design project or any other project that will be specifying manufactured cabinetry.

Check out the collection at the DBC website:


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