Copy Revit Electrical Circuits to Multiple Levels

When working with a multi-story building, it is common to have identical electrical items on multiple floors and the designer desires to have the same circuits for those items replicated on each level.  Doing so creates consistency between panel board circuits and reduces labor for circuiting each floor.  An example of this is the restrooms, janitor closets, elevator lobby and other service areas in the core of a building where each of those rooms will have the same electrical needs for each floor level.

It is possible to copy the electrical devices and equipment from one floor level to multiple other floor levels and replicate the circuits for the new items.  The electrical devices that were circuited together in the first level will be circuited together in the other levels.  The Rating, Frame, and Load Name for the replicated circuit(s) will be the same as the original circuit(s).

This process is meant for situations where the electrical elements do NOT already exist on the other floor levels.  It does not circuit electrical elements that already exist.

The Process

  • Open your System Browser.
    • The F9 key is an easy and quick way to open/close the System Browser window.
  • In the System Browser, highlight the electrical items that you want to duplicate on another floor.
    • You can use the Windows standard selection processes of Shift+Pick or Ctrl+Pick to select multiple items.
  • Copy the desired items to the Windows clipboard using Ctrl+C or the Copy to Clipboard command on the Clipboard menu panel.
    • Do not use the Revit Copy command.
  • Use the Windows Paste -> Aligned to Selected Levels option to paste the items to the desired levels.


  1. This process does NOT work if you select/highlight the items in the graphics window.
    1. You will have new electrical elements that are un-circuited after the Paste command if you highlight and select the items in the graphics windows.  It is strange that it works this way, but it does.
  2. If you include electrical panels in the selection of items, the panels will be copied along with the same circuits in the panels (as long as the items in the circuits are selected in the same selection).
  3. When copying electrical equipment, such as Panels, you will need to rename the replicated panels as they keep the same Panel Name as the original panel.
  4. This does NOT work to copy circuits into a different project.
  5. Wiring does not get copied.  You will need to show wiring again in the views for each level.
  6. After copying the electrical items, you will want to select all of the items on a specific level and change the Schedule Level parameter to the appropriate level in the Properties palette.  The elements will associate to the level from which they originated.
    1. For example, a receptacle on the 4th Level may show as an elevation of 30′ above the 1st Level.  You will want the element to show the actual elevation above the floor level for where it is placed.
  7. If electrical elements are hosted to other elements such as walls, when they are copied to other levels, they “should” host to the walls on the new level.
  8. This works to duplicate the elements on the same level as well if you select the Paste from Clipboard option and paste it in another part of the view.

No guarantees on this working correctly all the time.


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