My Favorite Revit 2019 New Features

Most Revit users have heard that Autodesk has released the 2019 versions of its various software packages.  Autodesk has included a lot of nice enhancements with this release and delivered on many of the user wish list items.  While there are still many improvements to be made to Revit, I am pleased with enhancements in this release.

Following are my favorite Revit 2019 new or enhanced features.

Multi-Monitor Support

You can now place a view on a second monitor (or third) without stretching your Revit application window to the second monitor!  Previously, you could do this with palettes, but not a view.

Tabbed Views

Each view now has its own tab in the drawing area, which includes schedules and sheets, and you can tile views to see multiple views at once.  You can use the new Tab Views tool to combine tiled views into a single window with a tab for each view or show tabbed views in multiple windows.

The new Tab Views tool does not affect views that are located outside the Revit application window.  Note that if the tabs for all open views don’t fit across the top of the window, you can use the drop-down menu to access the remaining tabbed views.   By default, each view opens in a new tab. Use Tile Views and Tab Views to switch back and forth between tiles and tabs, depending on your current needs.

Ability to use “OR” statements in View Filters

You can now create a view filter that contains the “OR” condition.  This is very big when creating filters as there are often times that I want to specify a condition that meets either one condition or another.  You can also create multiple rules and nested sets for much more flexibility with view filters.

Double Fill Patterns

Complex graphical patterns can now be created by having more than one pattern for a fill pattern.  You can specify a pattern for the foreground and another pattern as the background fill.  These can be used on filled regions, object level overrides, visibility/graphic display overrides, and both the project and cut settings for materials.

There are more enhancements that are very nice and important to specific situations, but the above features will be used by most users.


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