Schedule Organization Improvements in Revit 2018.1

For a long time, I have wished that there were better ways to organize schedules in Revit’s Project Browser, especially in project files with dozens of schedules.  The recently released 2018.1 version of Revit does just that and allows me various ways to organize my schedules in a Revit project file.  Different disciplines and different companies have varying quantities of schedules, so some users will appreciate this new feature more than users.

The following image shows grouping the schedules based upon working schedules and schedules that will be placed on sheets.  This particular option is created by having 2 different View Templates for schedules – one for working schedules and one for schedules on sheets.  Schedules are then grouped by View Templates.

The enhanced organizational ability is located on the new Schedules tab of the Browser Organization dialog box.  (This dialog box can be accessed by right-clicking on the Views name in the Project Browser or by going to the ribbon and selecting the View tab -> Windows panel -> dropdown arrow for User Interface.)  A new organization scheme can be created by picking the New button and entering the name for the scheme.

When you create the new organization scheme or select the Edit button to edit an existing scheme, you are given a Browser Organization Properties dialog box which contains a tab for Filtering the schedules and a tab for Grouping and Sorting the schedules.  Both are valuable tools in your ability to show schedules in a method that makes schedules easier to locate in the Project Browser.

In the Grouping and Sorting tab, you have six different methods of grouping the schedules (not counting the “None” option).  They are by “Category”, “Phase”, “Phase Filter”, “Schedule Type”, “View Name”, or “View Template”.  At the bottom of the Browser Organization Properties dialog box, you also have three different ways to sort the schedules.  Those options are by “Phase”, “View Template”, or “View Name”.  Depending on your specific project’s or company’s needs, you have a lot of different ways to see the schedules.

The following image shows organizing the schedules based upon their “Category“.

The following image shows the default method of organizing the schedules prior to the 2018.1 feature where the schedules are listed by View Name alpha-numerically.

Note that you can group by multiple methods to get a tiered effect in the schedule listing.

For projects that use Phases, the Phase grouping method is wonderful to use as the main grouping method, and then use another option for grouping schedules under each phase.

Enjoy this new feature!


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