Revit Schedule Title

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily give a Revit schedule any view name that you want and have a different title appear at the top of the schedule on a sheet?  You can!

By default, the View Name parameter in the Properties of the schedule will appear as the title for the schedule.  As of Revit 2014, you can edit the title to be what you desire, regardless of the view name.  That allows you to name the schedule whatever you desire to aid with project browser organization and providing a good description of the schedule’s purpose.

The Process

With the schedule view open, place your cursor in the title portion of the schedule (<Door schedule – Short> in the example below).

Schedule Title - View Name

Go to the Title & Headers panel of the menu and select the Clear Cell command.  That will completely clear any text from the cell so that the title no longer exists and the cell is blank.

Schedule Title - Clear Cell

You can now start typing any text in that cell that you desire as the title for the schedule.

Schedule Title - New Name

So simple!




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