Autodesk Names – Just for Fun

I have been working with Autodesk products for 26 years, so during that time I have gotten to know the names of their various software packages.  That includes how to spell the software names.  I have always been a bit amused by how the various packages actually get spelled, both by people that use the software and those that don’t.  Some of the most interesting spellings are found in job descriptions posted by human resource personnel.

I thought that would post some of the common misspellings for a touch of humor today.

Autodesk = Auto desk, Ottodesk

AutoCAD = Autocadd, Auto CAD, Auto CADD, Auto-CAD, Auto-CADD, Ottocad

Revit = Rivit, Revet, Rev It, Revvit, Revitt, Rivet, Rebit

Navisworks = Naviswork, Navis Works, Navesworks, Navasworks, Naviworks, Navsworks

ReCap = Recapp, recad, Re Cap

If you have additional interesting misspellings that you have actually seen, feel free to post them here.  It would be fun to read them.  However, I am actually more interested in the AEC related software since that is the focus of this blog.  Autodesk has marketed a LOT of various packages over the years.  Also, I will not allow derogatory names for the software.


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