Detail Level of Linked Revit File

Most building projects created within Revit will utilize linked files from other disciplines to show the various components within the building model.  When this is done, it is not uncommon for users to desire to see the other disciplines at a different detail level than their own.  This may be the MEP engineer wanting to see a Fine detail level in their view, but only see the Coarse level of detail in the Architect’s model.  It may also be the Architect desiring to see their model at a Fine detail level, but see the Electrical Engineer’s electrical devices with a Medium detail level to show electrical symbols and not actual electrical element modeling.

Regardless of the reason, it is definitely possible and even easy to have linked Revit models show different detail levels on a view by view basis.  This means that each view can be set differently per the needs of the view.  Also, each different Revit link can have different detail level settings from the other links within a view.

Before performing this process, make sure that you have used good techniques and processes for linking Revit files together.


  • Go into the Visibility Graphics Overrides for the view. (Typing VV or VG will quickly do this.)
  • Go to the Revit Links tab of the Visibility Graphics Overrides dialog box.  (Note that this tab will not appear until a Revit file has been linked into this project file.)
  • Pick on the box labeled “By Host View” to the right of the linked file for which you want a different detail level.  (By default, the linked file will use the same detail level as the host view.)

Linked Detail View - Revit Links Tab

  • In the RVT Link Display Settings dialog box, stay in the Basics tab and pick the “Custom” option.
  • Also in the Basics tab of the RVT Link Display Settings dialog box, go down to the Detail Level option and change it to the detail level that you desire to use from linked file.

Linked Detail View - Basics Tab

  • Pick the OK buttons to exit the dialog boxes.





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