Keep Working Sections from Printing in Revit

My last article addressed how to create Working Section markers that are visibly different from other section markers.  (Read the article here.)  This is great for knowing which sections are not meant to go on a sheet, but it doesn’t keep the section marker from displaying in a view or on a sheet.  When I have a working section, the explicit purpose is that it is just for my model review and should not be seen on a printed view.  This article will address how to set up a view filter to keep the Working Section markers from displaying in a view intended to go on a sheet.

This is a two step process to create and apply a filter to the views to display the Worker Section marker only when desired.

Step 1 – Create A Filter

  1. Go to the View tab and select the Filters command from the Graphics panel.
  2. In the Filters dialog box, pick the New… button.
  3. In the Filter Name dialog box, type Working Sections, select Define Criteria, and pick the OK button.Working Section - Filter Name
  4. In the Filters dialog box:
    1. Place a checkmark next to the Sections category (in the center of the dialog box)
    2. In the Filter Rules area, set it to Filter by: Family and Type, then contains, then type Working in the box.Working Section - Filter Rules
  5. Pick the OK button to exit the dialog boxes.

Step 2 – Apply Filter to A View

  1. Go to a view in which you want to hide Working Sections.
  2. Type VV or VG to edit the Visibility/Graphics for the view.
  3. In the Visibility/Graphics Overrides dialog box, go to the Filters tab.
  4. In the Filters tab, pick the Add button at the bottom of the dialog box.
  5. In the Add Filters dialog box, select the Working Sections filter and pick the OK button.
  6. Back in the Filters tab, remove the checkmark next to Working Sections and under the Visibility heading.
    1. Removing this checkmark will make the Working Section markers not visible.
    2. Displaying a checkmark for this will make the Working Section markers visible.

Working Section - Override



  1. If this filter does not exist for a view, then the Working Section markers will be visible unless you hide them individually.
  2. The filter list for a specific view may have many filters listed, whereas this illustration only shows this one filter.
  3. If the Section naming is different than noted in the previous blog article, then the appropriate name needs to be entered in the Filter Rules portion of the filter.
  4. This filter can also be applied to a View Template.



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