Anchor Point for Revit Equality Dimensions

This article addresses a feature in Revit that seems to have gone unnoticed by many Revit users.  That feature is the anchor symbol for multi-segmented equality constrained dimensions.

Part of the power of Revit is that when a multi-segmented dimension has had the quality constraint applied to it by picking the EQ symbol, the objects being dimensioned will move in equal distances when one of the objects is relocated.   The anchor symbol gives you more control over that dimension function.

The anchor symbol allows the user to control which object is the anchor and will stay stationary when adjusting the spacing between objects that have had an equality constraint applied to the dimension string.  If the user is not aware of this anchor symbol, then it appears that they have no control over which objects move and which one stays in the same position.  It is nice to have the ability to specify which objects move and which one stays in the same location.


  • Highlight an object to be relocated that is part of the equality dimension string.
  • Move your cursor to the hidden line that will appear between each of the objects in the dimension string..
    • This dashed line will often appear on the opposite side of the objects as the EQ dimension string.
  • Pick on the anchor symbol (circled in red in the illustration below) and drag it to the object that you desire to remain in the same place.
  • Move the highlighted object and each of the other objects that are not anchored will be relocated.

Dimension Equality Anchor


  • The anchor symbol will not appear if one of the referenced objects has been pinned.
  • If you move the object that has the anchor point assigned to it, the anchor point will move with the object.
  • If the anchor does not appear at first, try moving one of the objects and the anchor will appear at that time.
  • Each multi-segmented, equality constrained dimension has its own anchor symbol.
  • It is only possible to place the anchor on one object at a time within each equality dimension string.

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