Templates Provided with Revit 2013

In October of 2011, I wrote an article on the templates that were provided with the various Autodesk Revit 2012 products.  (Link to article) Autodesk made some changes to what templates are provided with the Revit 2013 products, so I thought it good to mention those changes.  I like the changes that were made and the provided templates make more sense with the 2013 release.

Many of the templates that were part of Revit Architecture but not part of MEP or Structure in 2012 have been incorporated into the other Revit product installations in 2013.

The following are new or revised template changes that were made:

  • Detail Component.rft template was renamed to Detail Item.rft
  • Detail Component line based.rft was renamed to Detail Item line based.rft
  • Division Profile.rft is an additional template in 2013
    • This helps you create complex joint conditions in Parts
  • Support.rft is an additional template in 2013
    • Used for railing supports
  • Termination.rft is an additional template in 2013
    • Used for railing terminations

The following PDF shows a matrix of the Imperial templates that are installed with each of the three Revit 2013 products.

Templates Provided with Revit 2013 matrix download


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