Free 3D Model Review Software Has Update

In February 2011, I reviewed a new free product on the market for 3D model review named Tekla BIMsight by Tekla, Inc. (Read review)   Tekla has recently released the new Tekla BIMsight version 1.3, and the big point is that it is still a free product.

As I mentioned in my first article on the BIMsight software, this is a basic clash detection software that allows you to bring several different 3-D models together for project collaboration and collision detection.  While it is not a robust software, it performs clash detection that can meet the needs of many people and that I believe warrants consideration.  It is a straight forward software that is not difficult in learning to use and also has a decent forum support system that is easily accessible from within BIMsight.

Some of the new or improved features according to Tekla  include:

Color Management

  • You can change the color of models, object groups and separate objects.  This allows you to use colors to accent conflicting objects or objects of certain types.
  • You can group objects according to their color in the object browser.
  • 27 predefined colors can be used or you can create your own custom color.
  • The degree of transparency can be specified for custom colors.

Note Sharing

  • Notes can be shared with other project team members through emailing or saving your notes and then having others import the notes.
  • A note will include a note description along with replies to the note.
  • The notes are in an open standard published by BuildingSMART and is in BCF format with a file extension of .bcfzip.  (Corrected version of previous comment about format.)

Unit Setting

  • Project unit settings can be established by using either predefined unit sets or a custom set.
  • Units can be specified for distance, area, volume, and weight.
  • Unit precision can be set separately for each of the 4 types of quantity options.

Model Layers

  • Layers are now supported.

Usability Enhancements

  • Files can now be opened, added, or imported by dragging them into Tekla BIMsight.

In summary, I think this is a great product to consider if you are on a limited budget.  Tekla seems to be responding to users’ wishes on this product and I think it will continue to see nice improvements.

The above information is not intended to be a full description of the features of Tekla BIMsight 1.3.

Check it out at


One thought on “Free 3D Model Review Software Has Update

  1. Hi Doug, thank you for the review on Tekla BIMsight. Good and honest review. Only one thing to correct, BCF is not a proprietary format, but open standard published by BuildingSMART. Originally it was created by Tekla and Solibri.

    Happy holidays!

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