Revit Architecture 2012 Book Review

I have never reviewed a book in this blog, but decided to do just that this month.  A good resource book is valuable to just about anyone, regardless of the type of work a person performs.  As I have come up in my career, I have utilized many different resources over the years and have many good books still on my office shelves.  This latest book will make Revit Architecture users a very good resource.

“Introducing Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012” is by Sybex, an imprint of Wiley Publishing.  The author is Patrick Davis with the assistance of Steve Stafford, Martin Taurer, Charlie Busa, and Angela McDonnell.

While the book carries the “Autodesk Official Training Guide” label, it is not written like a traditional training manual.  However, it does contain step by step instructions for many tasks and a URL is provided to download files that can be utilized when desired.  As is important with a good instructional book, it contains many graphics illustrating processes or results.

I like the book since it not only addresses the basics of utilizing Revit Architecture 2012, but it addresses many of the typical issues that you deal with for building design.   I have seen other books that address learning the basics of Revit and they are very basic and don’t really help you understand how to put together a building using Revit.  This book does a nice job of providing lots of good information for the architectural designer in a practical method.  While I would always like for a book to have more information, that does tend to make a book rather big.

This book will not make you an expert in Revit Architecture, but it should definitely help the novice user.


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