Turning off Section Markers Based upon View Scales in Revit

When working with large buildings, it is common to have views at 1/16”=1’-0” or larger to enable displaying the entire building in the view.  In these views, it is typical to not have all of the section markers visible since the view could become cluttered with all of the markers that might be applicable to the view.  While it is possible to select each one of the unwanted section markers individually and turn off the element visibility, it is also possible to set the properties of specific section views to hide the section marker for that section view on all views in which it might otherwise be visible.

The following illustration shows the section marker visible in the 1/8”=1’-0” scale on the left but not visible in the 3/32”=1’-0” view on the right.


To make the visibility adjustment, you can open the section
view or simply highlight the section view in the Project Browser.  Go to the view’s
Properties palette and find the “Hide at scales coarser than” option in
the Graphics category.

Pick on the scale that is displayed and a dropdown arrow will appear to the right side of the box.  Pick on the arrow and section the desired scale.  Any views that have a view scale coarser (view printed smaller on the sheet) than the selected scale will have the section marker hidden for this specific section view.


  • The Detail Level setting does not interact with this setting; only the View Scale interacts with it.
  • This setting affects all view types that would have a section marker for this particular view, including floor plans, ceiling plans, sections, and elevations.
  • If you desire to have this section marker visible in one specific coarse view, but not others, then this setting needs to be set to a coarser scale and the visibility turned off in specific views.
  • Using the “Reveal Hidden Elements” button on the status bar will not make the section marker visible in a view.
  • Elevation markers have the same characteristics
    as described here.

One thought on “Turning off Section Markers Based upon View Scales in Revit

  1. I am using RAC 2012 x64 and it would be nice if you could specify all of the above-said into type properties of section views not into element properties. Sadly, it’s not doable, or at least I cannot make it. Is someone has a snazzy way of tackling that, throw it at me please.

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