Revit Architecture 2011 Hotfix for Color Fills

Autodesk issued a hot fix for their Revit Architecture 2011 product to address issues releated to some crashing occuring when using Color Fills.  This hot fix has not received much publicity, so I wanted to mention it and encourage users to download and install the fix.  It is a pretty quick and straightforward operation.

The hot fix can be downloaded from the following webpage:
Revit Architecture 2011 Colorfills Hotfix

Some notes:

  • Make sure that Update Release 2 has been applied prior to adding the hotfix. Verify that the build number of Revit 2011 is 20100903_2115.
  • The Utility.dll file will be manually replaced during this process.  The download only copies this file to your computer in a zip file.
  • Administrator rights are required to copy the Utility.dll to the proper location.
  • The readme file explains where to copy the file.
  • There are separate downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

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