Revit Clipped Gable Roof

Many residential home or other wood framed roofs have clipped gable ends, which are also called jerkinhead roofs.  These types of roofs are easy to accomplish in Revit Architecture.

Create a roof using the Roof by Footprint option from the Home tab and the Build panel.  For this article, I will demonstrate with a basic rectangular roof with each end having the clipped gable (jerkinhead).

The following illustration shows the basic roof outline sketch with a 1’-6” overhang for all 4 sides.  The Defines Slope option was selected on the Options Bar when creating each of the 4 boundary lines by using the Pick Walls option.  (This would make a hip roof by default.)  After placing all four sides of the roof, highlight the 2 end boundary lines.

With the 2 end boundary lines highlighted, go to the Properties palette.  In the Constraints section, change the Plate Offset from Base as desired.  The height of this offset will determine the plate height for the clipped gable portion of the roof and is the key to getting the clipped gable effect.

After adjusting the roof as desired, select the Finish Edit Mode green checkmark.  The following illustrations show the results of the roof specified above via plan view and 3D view.  Note that the walls have also been selected and the Attach Top command utilized to attach the walls to the roof.



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