AutoCAD Architecture 2011 Update 1 Available

Autodesk has released Update 1 for AutoCAD® Architecture 2011, with separate downloads for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  The update is simply a service pack and not a full install, so make sure that you have access to the original ACA.MSI installation file during the update.  This update includes AutoCAD Update 1 and the fixes that were part of AutoCAD Update 1.1.

You can get the English version of the update from the following webpage: 
AutoCAD Architecture Update Download

According to the Readme file, the following AutoCAD Architecture defects have been fixed in this update:

  • 3D Modeling
    • Components whose display has been turned off are shown on converting an AEC object to a 3D Solid.
  • Curtain Walls
    • Custom model components in a curtain wall may display incorrect material assignments in different display configurations in 3D views.
  • Dimensions
    • Associative dimensions may not update when walls are moved.
  • Drawing Management
    • Redefining an existing model space view causes AutoCAD Architecture to crash.
  • General UI
    • AutoCAD Architecture may crash on launching the Style Manager.
  • Help
    • Third-party applications based on AutoCAD Architecture cannot access their Help files through the application.
  • IFC
    • Some roofs may change position after executing the IFCEXPORT command.
  • Materials
    • The MATERIALLIST command reports the volume of only the first object in a multiple selection.
  • Modify
    • AutoCAD Architecture may crash while trimming entities.
  • Performance
    • Sometimes memory usage increases when switching back and forth between the tabs of the Properties Palette.
  • Renovation
    • A wall with display overrides displays incorrectly when modified in the renovation mode.
  • Sections
    • Creating a horizontal section may cause AutoCAD Architecture to crash.
  • Slabs
    • No style information is available in the Properties Palette for a slab created by applying the properties of the Slab tool to linework and walls.
  • Walls
    • Trimming a wall may cause doors and windows in the wall to move or disappear.
    • Walls that clean up correctly in a previous version may not clean up correctly in AutoCAD Architecture 2011.
    • Wall cleanup EIP functions such as Merge, Subtract, Fillet, and Chamfer do not work in a custom UCS.

According to the Readme file, the following AutoCAD defects have been fixed in this update:

  • .NET API
    • .NET applications built for AutoCAD 2010 may not run on AutoCAD 2011.
    • When opening multiple drawings, the minimize and maximize buttons may not always be visible.
    • You may experience a random exception when loading custom ARX applications.
  • 2D Display
    • When using Software Acceleration, AutoCAD may become unstable.
  • 3D Cache
    • When VSINTERSECTIONEDGES is set to 0, camera preview can be extremely slow.
  • 3D Modeling
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when stretching along the Z axis of the Gizmo.
    • Using the Gizmo grip on a 3D model may not work correctly from the right-click menu.
  • 3D Navigation Tools
    • Navigation Bar tooltips may cause AutoCAD to become unstable when switching between drawings.
    • Clicking on the “X” to close AutoCAD may fail if the drawing is maximized, and both the ViewCube® and SteeringWheel® are enabled.
    • Orbiting 3D models does not degrade when Adaptive Degradation is checked in the Performance Tuner and uses the 3D Connexion device.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when using the Look tool in the WHEEL command.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when using 3D Orbit in degradation mode with 3Dconnexion devices.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when using the Walk tool in the SteeringWheel feature with degradation and when FPS is set to a limit of 30.
  • Annotation Scaling
    • Drawings containing 100 or more annotation scales cannot be reset.
  • ARX
    • Third party applications may fail when using “removeCmd” in custom ARX applications.
  • Attributes
    • Multiline attributes in a dynamic block created in AutoCAD 2011 may not display in AutoCAD 2010.
  • Command Line
    • With Dynamic Mode set to “0” you may not be able to input Japanese or Chinese characters at the command line.
  • Customer Involvement Program
    • AutoCAD fails to start due to Customer Involvement Program on Windows 7 workstations with Windows 2008 Server on the same subnet.
  • CUI
    • When an Enterprise menu is loaded, the Workspace control in the CUI Editor may be grayed out.
    • Unable to copy and paste Toolbar Controls in the CUI Editor.
    • When switching profiles that point to a CUIx file that cannot be found, AutoCAD may become unstable.
    • When using “^P” in a macro, the MENUECHO is not displayed properly.
  • Digitizer
    • AutoCAD will display a CER (Customer Error Report) dialog when exiting AutoCAD with a digitizer configured.
  • DGN Support
    • DGNIMPORT command may not work with the option to ignore external references.
  • Dimensions
    • Some AutoCAD Mechanical objects cannot be selected after being inserted as a block and exploded.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when using eTransmit on drawings containing multileaders.
  • Display Acceleration
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when a password protected screen saver displays on the screen.
  • Display Drivers
    • May have issues updating the Graphics Card drivers on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
    • Some display drivers may show up as certified even though they were not certified.
  • DWG
    • WBLOCK may be unable to save the drawing to the AutoCAD 2000 file format for “DWG” and “DXF”.
  • External References
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when an External Reference is reloaded after XOPEN, EDIT, or SAVE.
  • Graphic System
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when opening multiple drawings in the same session when running out of video memory.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when opening large amounts of drawings.
  • Hatch
    • Hatch may not display properly when dynamic blocks are part of the boundary and live preview is enabled.
    • Some hatch objects on a newly thawed layer may require a “REGEN” to display.
    • Some custom hatch patterns may not display in the Ribbon Panel.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when using grips to select hatches in some drawings.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when editing annotative hatch through the Ribbon.
    • Hatch Scale may revert to 1 when setting transparency and angle on a hatch pattern on a 64-bit operating system.
  • Help
    • Welcome Screen Videos may not play on 64-bit operating systems.
    • Searching Online Help may be slow.
  • Image
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when plotting a drawing with plot transparency set to “On”.
  • Layer
    • Changing layers transparently from the Ribbon will not update to the new layer when you complete the command.
    • Layer properties cannot be changed transparently from the Ribbon.
    • After setting a new layer current, focus is set to the “Name” Column.
  • Licensing
    • Cascading license can’t be checked out if one of the distributed server machines doesn’t exist on the network.
    • AutoCAD cannot get a license from the distributed server when one of servers is stopped.
  • Materials
    • Protein Materials values created on a 64-bit operating system will not work on a 32-bit operating system.
    • When FBXEXPORT is using the default settings, de-selecting the Insert as Block option in FBXIMPORT results in nothing being imported.
  • MText
    • Mtext Paragraph spacing cannot be removed.
    • Text in AutoCAD Mechanical-created Fit dimension can change unexpectedly after DDEDIT.
  • ObjectDBX
    • Unable to export multi-line attribute values with ObjectDBX.
  • OLE (Object Linking & Embedding)
    • Drawings with OLE objects saved as a DXF file no longer contain OLE options.
  • Open/Save
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when using undo on large drawings.
  • Other
    • FBX files imported from Autodesk 3ds Max will not import unless materials are unchecked.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable if a drawing REGEN occurs after editing a block.
    • AutoCAD will not take advantage of the 3 gigabyte switch when enabled on a 32-bit operating system.
    • Color book values may not display properly in AutoCAD.
    • Some PGP aliases may not function in AutoCAD LT.
  • Partial Open
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when SDI (Single Document Interface) is set to 1, while editing drawings with OPENPARTIAL are set to 1.
  • PDF Export
    • Adobe Reader may display a warning message “Cannot find or create the font ArialMT” when opening PDF files created in AutoCAD.
  • Publish
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when publishing large drawings to PDF.
  • Raster Design
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when inserting some BMP images.
    • Saving with ISAVE, ISAVEAS, and ISAVE again may cause an error message that you cannot save the file.
  • Ribbon
    • AutoCAD may become unstable in a side-by-side install if the files tab path points to the Install Directory of AutoCAD 2010.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when Regional and Language Options are set to Turkish language.
    • Ribbon Fold Panels cannot be transferred in the CUI Editor.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable if you have a “.” in your menugroup name.
    • While in a command, changing the workspace from the Quick Access toolbar will not work.
    • Loading custom toolbars from the Ribbon may fail.
  • Section & Flatten
    • All cut-away geometry in sectionplane may not display properly when selecting “Show Cut-away Geometry”.
  • Selection Highlighting
    • Selection Cycling displays when none should be visible.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable when holding control and hovering over intersections of lines.
    • Changing the Selection Cycling toggle from “Off” to “On” and then quitting AutoCAD may cause you to receive an error report.
    • AutoCAD may become unstable after using the “CapturePreviewImage” method.
  • Snaps
    • Crosshairs do not extend across the screen when set to 100% in isometric snap style.
  • Visual Lisp
    • Visual Lisp may display an error message when using ads_defun and ads_regfunc calls in AcApp.arx.
    • When using the lisp function, “vl-directory-files” may cause AutoCAD to become unstable if the directory path is long.

Autodesk has also released Update 1 for AutoCAD® MEP 2011 at the following location:
AutoCAD MEP Update Download


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