Revit Architecture 2011 Update 2 Available

Autodesk has released Update 2 for Revit® Architecture 2011.  Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available, and one download will take care of both the Revit® Architecture version and the Revit® Architecture Suite version.  Update 2 is not a full install, but is a service pack.  Before you install Update 2, make sure that you have already installed the First Customer Ship build of Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011.

You can get the English version of the update from the following webpage: 
Revit Architecture Update Download

According to Autodesk’s update list, following are Revit® Architecture 2011 enhancements in Update 2:

  1. The list of supported video cards and drivers has been updated.
  2. Improves the consistency of printing linework which was overridden in the view with the linework tool within Revit 2010.
  3. Improves the consistency of viewport titles and notes when exported to DWG formats.
  4. Improves stability when exporting to AutoCad 2000 DWG files.
  5. Improves performance when applying depth clipping to floor plan views
  6. Improves stability when creating circular Mass forms.
  7. Improves shadow casting for object(s) within linked files
  8. Insures that a modification to an elevation tag family does not rotate the elevation tags unexpectedly. In situations where the rotation has already occurred, the elevation tag family
  9. would need to be reloaded to correct the unexpected elevation tag rotation.
  10. Improves stability when locking of constraints within families.
  11. Improves stability when modifying the properties of an element.
  12. Ensures “Select All Instance” when used on viewports within a sheet does select all the viewports.
  13. Improves stability when using the “Create Form” tool when In-Place edit a mass.
  14. Improves stability when using “Complex” complexity mode during gbXML Export.
  15. Corrects glazing area when using “Simple” complexity mode during gbXML Export.
  16. Improves stability when editing element Phase inside a group.
  17. Improves consistency of the ifcflowsegment and ifcflowfitting properties during a re-export to IFC.
  18. Improves stability when exporting to AutoCad 2000 DWG files.Improves stability during export to DWG files when exporting a view with a linked DWG in “new layers for overrides” mode
  19. Improves stability after switching location within the InfoCenter settings
  20. Improves stability of InfoCenter when logged into Revit with a double byte username.
  21. Improves stability when selecting materials from within the materials dialog.
  22. Improves stability when switching between views
  23. Improves visibility of manually applied hidden lines during printing and exporting of Structural Hidden Lines views.
  24. Improves performance when using spinner control in the Decal Types dialog.
  25. Improves stability when selecting array elements from within the Reveal Hidden Elements display mode.
  26. Improves stability when finishing Sketch mode.
  27. Improves stability when selecting a reference plane within the conceptual mass editor.
  28. Improves stability when launching multiple sessions of Revit.
  29. Corrects shadow casting of linked RVT files when in realistic display mode.
  30. Improves stability when dragging sun.
  31. Improves stability when upgrading Revit 2010 project file.
  32. Corrects color of masked regions when rendered in Consistent Color display mode.

Autodesk® Revit® 2011 API Enhancements:

  1. Setting formula for Manufacturer/Type Comments as string no longer throws an exception.
  2. Improves consistency between User Interface and API when using Family Type count
  3. Improves the consistency of maintaining the preview image when Save/SaveAs.
  4. Improves the consistency of creating the detail curve when the view‟s detail sketch plane is not located where expected within the database.
  5. Improves detail curve creation when the view does not have an implicit sketch plane.

Autodesk has also released Update 2 for Revit® MEP 2011 at the following location:
Revit MEP Update Download

Autodesk has released Update 2 for Revit® Structure 2011 at the following location:
Revit Structure Update Download


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